First Post

  The first line of a brand new blog usually kinda sucks. I know, right?
Ok, to the point; I have a few reasons to write this blog. First of all, if I start arguing with myself about my incapability of being a good student, I usually lose, mainly because I just lack good arguments. Math is just what I want to do now, it´s what I would love to do when I´m old, so why am I not studying my ass off? But now, when that little guy in me starts ranting again, I just say ‘dude, busy blogging, man’. And I win, for once. Second of all, which is kinda related to my first of all, I really really really want to be a mathematician some day. And I noticed that all the people that write math blogs, are mathematicians. So one easily conjectures that anyone who starts a math-related blog, almost surely becomes a mathematician. And because I’m highly susceptible of being a counterexample, I myself am the ideal check of this, intuitively obvious, conjecture. Alright, what I’m trying to say is that this blog, while possibly being some form of procrastination, also has the great potential to be a way of motivating myself. Third of all (and yes, this first post is just a way of convincing myself that this blog is an awesome idea by naming all the reasons I can think of. Semi-interesting posts will appear later, maybe), sometimes I have these plainly brilliant thoughts, only to write them down on a piece of paper that gets instantaneously lost. Writing them here makes sure that these ideas won’t get lost and, even more, allows other people to read and mock them. Win, win win.

And yes, odds are that this post will be the only one I’ll ever write. Odds are that I will be the only one, who will ever read this post. But, let’s face it, odds are also that I’ll walk outside my apartment tomorrow, make a turn and bump into the love of my life. So, basically, the only thing I can do is to actually walk around the corner and hope for the best.

Wow, that was one cheezy analogy. But then again, it’s cheezy, ’cause it’s true.


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