Alright, fuzzy story, clue can be read below. So far I’ve done the following if I wanted to post something: Type the post in \LaTeX, copy/paste the post here, put $latex-signs everywhere to tell WordPress you’re using \LaTeX, and done. However, today I realised how wrong this is. Apparently, and this is something I should’ve known, but didn’t, WordPress isn’t able to work within environments that, in \LaTeX, say ‘change from normal text to mathematical text and do something beautiful (like aligning equations)’. Because when you want to use \LaTeX in WordPress you have to put a $latex-sign in front, like I said, but Wordpress then automatically thinks that you’re writing math, so it changes to math-text. So you can’t tell WordPress that you want to change to math-text, because it already assumed that! But that also implies that you can’t use environments that tell \LaTeX to go from normal to math text. Wow, that was even fuzzier that I thought it was going to be.

Long story short: I’m not able to display equations as neat as I want. In particular, the thing that tilts me the most is my inability to align equations. So I searched the forums, but no help. Then I started to try random stuff, didn’t help either. The best I was able to do, is something like the following:


which, in a very basic way, resembles something that, when I really want to see it, looks like it’s not insanely far from what I might want. But in any case, it just feels ridiculous to put equations in a matrix.

So: please please please help me. Either by telling me how to use the align-environment, without WordPress realising it, or by telling me that the above is, in fact, the best I can do, or by convincing me that it doesn’t really matter that much how math looks. Go!

EDIT: I found a way to do it, but that is like a hell. So if you have anything useful to say, please, still comment.


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