Our world will never be the same

A steady loss of visitors since day 1. Not a single comment yet. Not even a nomination for a Bloggie. But, dont worry; BLAG is still going strong! With today´s one month anniversary as one of its many, many highs! There will be celebrations all over the world. In Johannesburg, South Africa, a football game will be played in honour of the weblog that changed the way people think and made world peace, finally, look like an achievable short-term goal. In Amsterdam, The Netherlands, people will write blogs about the blog that, arguably, is one of the greatest things that happened to human kind, since the invention of the bananabox.

Yes, people. Today, will be no longer the day of the Alcatraz escape. Nor will anyone ever remember June 11th to be the date Troy was burned. Starting this year, the eleventh day of the sixth month will be known as BLAGDAY! Spread the word!


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