I´m not dead

A lot of people (yes Jojo, that’s to ensure your anonimity), complained that I didn’t post enough. So to show my liveliness:

Q: What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor?

A: Where’s my tractor?


12 Responses to “I´m not dead”

  1. My idea Says:


  2. My idea Says:

    Q:Who may die may regenerate many times?
    A:actor 🙂

  3. My idea Says:

    Dear Prof Woett 😉
    I want ask you one question,I hope you can answer 🙂
    Q:What number is even number and odd number?

  4. My idea Says:

    Ha ha ha,please write number 6 in paper and turn it 180′
    Look at the paper,you can see number 9
    6 is even number
    9 is odd number
    I think it’s very interesting;-)

  5. My idea Says:

    hello,Did you die?,If you don’t die(Delete this comment)

  6. My idea Says:

    ha ha ha ha

  7. amysgo Says:

    Hu hu hu, Where are you? Woet, don’t die. I will cry so much if you die

  8. Margriet Says:


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