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Homework problems

August 21, 2010

Let f_S(g, n) count the number of integers \le n that are not expressible as a sum of g elements of S.

1) Give me set S for which both f_S(g, n) and \displaystyle \frac{n}{f_S(g, n)} diverge.
2) Proof (or disproof) that, for S, we can’t take the set of k-th powers, for some k

Problem 2) feels really hard, 1) should be fun.


The most fortunate thought of my life

August 13, 2010

Yesterday I realised that Dick Feynman and Richard Feynman were actually the same person. No kiddin´.

Ps1. We finally settled on God´s Number
Ps2. Semi-sorry for the silence
Ps3. Happy friday the 13th!