Sweet problem

You are on an island far far away and you arrive at an intersection. So you have to choose 1 out of 3 roads to continue on. At the end of one of the roads is a new car, another one leads to a goat and the third road just leads to a balance (which can only be used thrice) and 12 golden coins (one of which is fake). The moment you arrive at the intersection, three Gods appear. You know that one God either lies or doesn’t, one has 2 enveloppes for you and the third God is willing to shave you, since you don’t shave yourself. All three God’s have blue eyes and have to kill themselves if they know that.

With two questions, can you make sure to give the shaving God only golden coins so that he tells you how to get to your new car to be able to get a wolf and a cabbage to get the goat safely across the intersection, where, by then, all Gods are dead?

Btw1. I will try to post more often in the future
Btw2. Problem 1 from last post was silly


One Response to “Sweet problem”

  1. My idea Says:

    I can misunderstand but If I’m right ,I need 3 times to find to the fake coin and 4 times for wofl, goat,cabbage
    First: bring goat and put down A
    2:bring wofl put down A and bring goat return
    3: bring cabbage to A
    4: bring goat to A 🙂

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